Martes, Oktubre 30, 2012

Male celeb discharded from the militray in 2012.

With Lee Jun Ki recently being honorably discharged from the Korean military, netizens are becoming increasingly interested as to which other male celebrities will be discharged and return to the entertainment scene in 2012.
Lee Jun Ki who enlisted with the military back on May 3rd, 2010 served with the public relations department within the Ministry of National Defense. Once being discharged on February 16th, the actor immediately held a fan meet later that afternoon at Sang Myung University. The fan meet was the first event to kick off his comeback, and he was met with 2,000 of his fans who responded with explosive cheers to welcome him back.
There are a number of other celebrities who will be discharged from the military this year, including actorLee Dong Gun who will return next month. Although Lee Dong Gun was still serving in the military, he signed with a new agency last year and plans to be active once being honorably discharged.
Actor Lee Wan will follow suit after Lee Dong Gun, as he will be discharged in April. He rose to fame after taking up a role in the hit 2003 drama, ‘Stairway to Heaven‘, garnering interest after he was revealed to be actress Kim Tae Hee‘s brother. Needless to say, fans are anxiously awaiting his activities to follow after his honorable discharge.
Kim Nam Gil is also looking forward to an honorable discharge this year. Kim Nam Gil who is working as a public service worker at the Gangnam-gu office in Seoul will be returning to the entertainment scene in July. Kim Nam Gil’s rise to fame occurred after ‘Queen Seondeok‘ in 2009, and he is already receiving offers for projects ahead of his discharge.
Kang Dong Won will also be honorably discharged this November. Kang Dong Won who is serving at the Research Institute of Public Health & Environment secured his place in the industry after taking on roles in ‘Secret Reunion‘ among other hit projects. Fans have been unavailable to keep up with Kang Dong Won as new information about the actor has not been shared, causing them to become more curious and anxious for his comeback.
Other celebrities to be discharged from the military this year include Kim Ji Seok, Kim Ji Hoon, Cho Han Sun, Park Hyo Shin, Super Junior‘s Kangin, Epik High‘s Mithra Jin, and more.
Fans are anxious to know how the stars will have changed after fulfilling their obligations in the military, and continue to hold high expectations for their return. Who are you most excited to see returning from the military?

Biyernes, Oktubre 26, 2012

[Album] HyunA - Melting (2nd mini album)

HyunA's 2nd mini album "Melting"
Release Date: 10/20/12

Don't Fall Apart

Ice Cream

To My Boyfriend

Unripe Apple:

Very Hot:


Huwebes, Oktubre 25, 2012

JYP wrote song over 18 years

Park Jin Young, the musician/songwriter/actor better known as JYP, tweeted a photo of himself on vacation with the message, “Making 500 songs in 18 years, guess I needed a break.” Although the 500 figure may sound like a bit of a stretch, it doesn’t come as that big of a surprise considering that he was named the songwriter with the highest copyright revenue last year .
Since his debut in 1994, JYP has firmly established himself as one of K-Pop’s top singer-songwriters. Lately, he’s been expanding his career into the acting field, but that, we’ll have to wait and see how it goes. But there’s no question his musical ability is top class, having written and composed countless hit songs, all the while training and producing some of the best artists such as Rain, G.O.D, Wonder Girls, 2PM, and miss A.

Huwebes, Oktubre 18, 2012

miss A’s Suzy reveals her unusual sleep habits

On October 16th’s ‘Strong Heart‘, she confessed that she suddenly opened her eyes and talked to her manager while she was asleep. Suzy stated ont he show, “One day, my manager looked like he was upset. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, ‘You yelled at me and told me to get out.’ I didn’t remember it at all. Apparently I yelled at him and told him to leave in my sleep.”
Viewers commented, “Suzy’s sleeping habits are to open her eyes and talk? That’s a bit scary“, “Her sleep habits are forgivable because she’s Suzy”, and “Her manager must have been really hurt“.

Linggo, Oktubre 14, 2012

Miss A - I don't need a man with Lyrics (Independent Album pt3 was released!)


This is for all the independent ladies
Let’s go
naneun namja eobsi jal sara
geureoni jasini eobseumyeon nae gyeote ojireul ma
naneun hamburo nal an para
waenyamyeon nan
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (What?)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (jinjja)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man (jeongmal)
I don’t need a man I don’t need a man
naneun namja eobsi jal jal sara
nae doneuro bangse da nae
meokgo sipeun geo sa meokgo otdo sa ipgo
chungbunhajin anchiman manjokhal jul ara
geuraeseo nan nareul saranghae (hey)
bumonimui yongdon nae doncheoreom
sseugo sipji anha naiga manha
son beolliji annneun ge dangyeonhan geo anya
geuraeseo nan naega tteotthteotae (hey)
Boy don’t say
naega chaenggyeojulge naega akkyeojulge No No
Boy don’t play
jinjihage ol ge animyeon
jallan cheneun andwae ttan deseoneun
tonghalji mollado neomankeum nado
jallajin anhatjiman jasingameun neomchyeo
geuraeseo nan nareul saranghae (hey)
nae himeuro salge ttan aecheoreom
bumonim jal manna namja jal manna
pyeonhage saneun geo gwansimi eobseo
geuraeseo nan naega tteotthteotae (hey)
Boy don’t say
naega neoui mirae nareul mitgo gidae No No
Boy don’t play
nareul jonjunghal ge animyeon
maeil achim iljjik ireonaseo
haru jongil bappaseo
bap han kki jedaero mot meogeo
hajiman naega johaseo han iriya doniya jakjiman da nae ttamiya
namja chinguga sa jun banji aniya
nae cha nae ot naega beoreoseo san geoya
jeokgeum neoko bumonim yongdon deurigo naseo san geoya
namja mitgo nolda namja tteonamyeon eotteokhal geoya
ireon naega bureowo?
bureoumyeon jin geoya

EunHyuk & Yesung won $5,300

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Yesung won 5.9 million KRW (approximately $5,300 USD) on the latest episode of ‘100 Million Quiz Show‘.
The pair battled Heo Kyung Hwan and Choi Song Hyun for the prize.
The final answer that Eunhyuk and Yesung answered correctly was the question that asked, “Why is seaweed called ‘kim’?“, which would award them with 2 million KRW (approximately $1,800 USD) in addition to their previous accumulated earnings. The choices were ‘because it’s long‘, ‘because the person who harvested seaweed had the last name of kim‘, ‘because it’s as precious as gold‘, and ‘because it’s from Gyeongnam Kimhae‘.
Yesung reasoned, “When you start a business, you input your name or your initials, so I think #2 is the correct answer.” His reasoning was correct, and the answer brought them up to 5.9 million KRW ($5,300 USD). However, they failed to double the amount for the following question in the next round, but they were still able to take home the 5.9 million KRW.
Congratulations to Eunhyuk and Yesung!


Linggo, Oktubre 7, 2012

Miss A Fei announces group's comeback stage on strong heart?

miss A has been hinting at an October comeback in recent interviews and it looks like we may finally have a date.
miss A’s Fei and Suzy are scheduled to appear on the upcoming episode of SBS‘sStrong Heart‘.In preview photos released on Strong Heart’s homepage, a capture of the placard next to miss A’s Fei reads, “10/15 miss A comeback“. Although it’s slightly cut off, it looks like the second part of the placard reads “Hope it’s Daebak [~amazing]“.
As expected, miss A fans are ecstatic about the impending comeback and looking forward to the quartet’s return to music shows.
Here are additional photos released by SBS.

As expected, miss A fans are ecstatic about the impending comeback and looking forward to the quartet’s return to


TVXQ's catch me on "Live with Kelly and Michael"

TVXQ‘s latest single “Catch Me” received some love on the October 1st episode of ‘Live! with Kelly & Michael‘.
Live! with Kelly & Michael’ is a popular American Talk show hosted by Kelly Ripa and former NFL player Michael Strahan. On this episode, when the hosts were entering the set in front of the live studio audience, TVXQ’s “Catch Me” was playing in the background while Kelly and Michael dance to the music

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