Huwebes, Enero 24, 2013

Dal Shabet donate's their stage outfit to 'Infinite Care Campaign'

Dal Shabet also donated their stage outfits for the ‘Infinite Care Campaign Love For Those In Need Auction’ held from January 9th-16th, and Jiyul‘s outfit received the highest bid for the entire auction.

Ahyoung‘s stage outfit sold for 530,000 won (~$496 USD), Ga Eun‘s for 550,000 won (~$515 USD), Subin‘s outfit sold for 600,000 (~$562 USD), Serri‘s for 655,000 won (~$613 USD), Woohee‘s for 705,000 won (~$660 USD), and Jiyul‘s outfit sold for the top bid at 850,000 (~$795 USD).

A representative revealed, “Dal Shabet have been actively promoting as ambassadors of ‘Korea Serious Game‘ and will participate in the ‘Infinite Care Auction’ and ‘Love For Those In Need Campaign’ events. As it’s to help those in need, the members are actively participating despite their busy schedules.”

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