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[Profile] Dal★Shabet

Dal Shabet (Hangul: 달샤벳, stylized as Dal★Shabet) is a South Korean girl group created by E-Tribe through their label Happy Face Entertainment. The members include Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, Woohee, GaEun and Subin. On March 15, 2011, 'Darling' was selected as Dal Shabet's fanclub name. The group won the Best Newcomer Artist award at the 26th Golden Disk Awards on January 11, 2012. On May 23, 2012, it was announced that Viki would be leaving the group, and was replaced by new member Woohee.

Birth Name: Park Mi Yeon

Stage Name: Serri

Birth Date: September 16, 1990

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist & Main Dancer

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies: Music & dancing
  • She has a professional gymnastic background.
  • She won a gold medal at a National Aerobics Competition.
  • She was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-WI-O”.
  • She was a model in the music video for “Very Good” by ONE TWO.
  • She is known for her similarities to SunYe, Jessica and Kim HyunA.
  • She knows Rainbow’s Yoonhye through high school classes they had together. 
  • She has a great admiration for DBSK’s Yunho and respects his dedication to his career. 

Twitter: @shabet_Serri
Instagram: @shabet_serri


Birth Name: Cho Ja Young

Stage Name: Ahyoung

Birth Date: May 26, 1991

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: O

Position: Vocalist

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies: Movies, dancing & mythology of Greek and Roman
  • Her ideal man is Rain and Spiderman.
  • She is obsessed with Greek & Roman mythology.
  • She spends a lot of her free time playing basketball.
  • She was the first member of Dal★Shabet to record a CF.
  • She’s always picked as the most talkative member of the group.
  • She accidentally punched Jiyul in the face during a performance.

Twitter: @shabet_Ayoung
Instagram: @a_young91


Birth Name: Park Soo Bin

Stage Name: Subin

Birth Date: February 12, 1994

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Maknae & Lead Vocalist

Education: Hanlim Arts High School

Hobbies: Photography & singing

  • She has a modeling contract with GV2.
  • She threw the opening pitch for the Nexen Heroes.
  • She is the tallest and youngest member of Dal★Shabet.
  • She was a model in Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” music video.
  • Former g.o.d member Son Ho Young made her cry on live TV.
  • She was a model in Seoul and lived alone, despite being only 15.
  • Since she’s so tall, she is rarely allowed to wear heels around the other members. 

Twitter: @dal_sooobin
Instagram: @dalsooobin


Birth Name: Yang Jung Yoon

Stage Name: Jiyul

Birth Date: July 30, 1991

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 51 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of The Group

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies: Street Dance

  • She likes to watch and do ‘street dancing’.
  • Her favorite male K-Pop group is Big Bang.
  • She grew up in England and is fluent in English.
  • The other members call her ‘The Best Daughter-in-Law’.
  • She was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-IWI-O”.
  • She was the actress in 4MEN & MI’s “That Man, That Woman”.
  • She idolized the Spice Girls while growing up and even saw them live. 

Twitter: @shabet_jiyul
Instagram: @shabet_jiyul

Birth Name: Bae Woo Hee

Stage Name: Woohee

Birth Date: November 21, 1991

Height: 164 cm

Blood Type: AB

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Education: Dong Ah Institute of Media & Arts

  • Her roommate is Serri.
  • Her favorite color is baby pink.
  • She is a former Media Line trainee.
  • She was supposed to debut with Viva Girls.
  • She joined Dal★Shabet on May 24th, 2012.
  • She is a 2009 Dance Festival Grand Prize winner.
  • She is friends with N-Train, Bebe Mignon, Kyungri & Lime.
  • She is a 2009 Seoul Youth Cultural Respect Grand Prize winner.
  • She is a 12th Annual Nationwide Aerobic Contest Grand Prize winner.

Twitter: @heewoo91
Instagram: @woohee91

Birth Name: Cho Ka Eun

Stage Name: Kaeun

Birth Date: July 28, 1992

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Main Rapper & Vocalist

Education: Seoul Arts College

Hobbies: Modeling & fashion magazines

  • She was a model for Project Runway Korea.
  • She was a model for Ceci Magazine in 2010.
  • She currently attends Seoul National University of Arts.
  • She receives constant praise for her ‘perfect body’ by netizens.
  • She was an extra in 2PM & SNSD’s ‘Caribbean Bay’ CF in 2010.
  • She was a runway model for the Suecomma Bonnie show in 2010.
  • She attended a modeling academy where she studied posing, walking, acting, pilates, makeup, trends, styling, and etiquette

Twitter: @shabet_kaeun
Instagram: @jjojjo_eun
Blog: jjojjo0728


Birth Name: Kang Eun Hye

Stage Name: Viki

Birth Date: March 28, 1988

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Blood Type: AB

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer & Vocalist

Education: Dongguk Women’s University

Hobbies: Movies, dancing, rapping & singing

  • She is a former member of the project group A-Force.
  • She was the featured rapper in “Cosmic Dance” by hybRefine.
  • She was a model in the music video “Very Good” by ONE TWO.
  • She was a trainee under Star-Empire Entertainment for five years.
  • She was a backup dancer for Nassun & G.O, Seo In Young, Jewelry and VOS.
  • She was originally supposed to debut with Nine Muses, but left before their debut.

Instagram: @kangviki

Dal Shabet's Official S.N.S:

Happy Face Entertainment official S.N.S

DAL SHABET official MV's

Fandom: Darling
Color: N/A

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