Lunes, Oktubre 28, 2013

[Fact] Jung Joon Young can speak 5 languages.

During the filming of “1 vs. 100,” Jung Joon Young made the audience laugh when he joked, “In order to perform well on today’s quiz, I decided to dress intelligently. Don’t I look smart?”
However, Jung Joon Young was all business during the quiz and made his 100 opponents nervous as he played the game.
Also during the show, Jung Joon Young revealed that he can speak five languages. He said “I was born in Indonesia, but I spent my school days in China, France, The Philippines, Japan, etc. I can speak five languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, and Korean.”
Fans can see how Jung Joon Young fares on “1 vs. 100″ when the episode airs on October 22.

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