Miyerkules, Mayo 28, 2014

[Fact] B2ST Junghyun

On the April 10 installment of MBC Everyone's 'Showtime - Burning the B2ST', Junhyung admitted for the first time that he had color weakness, which is a variation of color blindness in that colors appear less distinctive for him than it would for others.

Kikwang said, "There was a time Sunmi came out with pink hair," and a fun time ensued as the other members chatted about this when suddenly Junhyung said seriously, "Don't talk about colors."

Surprised, everyone asked him why and Junhyung broke into laughter and said, "Because I have color weakness."

Taken aback by his sudden confession of having color weakness, the other B2ST members said, "Even the fans don't know.  Only we do."

Kikwang added, "Is this your first time admitting this in your 26 years?"  Yoseob said, "He really got ambitious on the show to the point he confessed this.  Did you come out here with that intention?" making everybody laugh.

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